Regarding Epaper App

Dear User,

This is regarding below applications of all newspaper.

यह सभी समाचार पत्रों के सभी आवेदनों से संबंधित है।

We have stopped this application because of multiple notice received from publisher for copyright infringement.

Please email on [email protected] for any query.

Please find answer for below question

What happens to my purchase?

  • As we already have shared that epaper availability is not in our hand. Still we have refunded amount for purchase since 1 february and stopped further purchases.

Will this app available in future and if yes how will I come to know?

  •  We will try to workout with publisher and try to get permission from as many publisher we can get and try to restart app.
  • To know about further update in future you can leave your contact details in below link
  • कृपया अपने संपर्क विवरण को छोड़ दें











53 Replies to “Regarding Epaper App”

  1. सर मैंने आप की सदस्यता शुल्क आपको पे कर दिया है और आपने अपनी वेबसाइट बंद कर दी यह तो कस्टमर के साथ धोखा है

    1. सर मैने भी आपकी सदस्यता शुल्क आपको पे कर दिया है और फिर भी आपने दैनिक भास्कर पीडीएफ को हटा दिया। ये हमारे साथ धोखा किया है क्यों ?

  2. It is best application for offline newspaper reading.Please try to restart this some conditions.

  3. I have paid for the app but it’s not working now…
    Please inform me in future if you update the app and solve the problem

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